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We offer on first order from Cambodia 100 % cotton polos printed with your brand, please contact us for more details.


We are rice producers and millers agent in the capital of Asian rice: Bangkok. Thailand has exported nearly 10 million MT of rice in last years and is the 1st world exporter. So, in the heart of the rice-growing region we are in constant contact with producers and miller for negotiation of the best needs of our customers: prices and quality available.
Recently Thailand has a price protection policy which is based on massive purchases of paddy from government when prices plunge, they freeze stocks and release batches when buyers offer a good level of price or at least before the harvest to make room in the silos.
We are led to believe that the government sets the prices of export market, we could say that it is legitimate, while after all the EU and U.S. have similar practices in other forms but the result is the same, but when prices are sky high as in spring 2008, no shortage and only in speculative purposes, it is not for the benefit of the African consumer for whom rice is a vital commodity.
These lots are usually sold in a “club”: same local traders, same buyers.
We hope that the market will regulate these inequalities: that African rice production can meet its needs, that the production of Philippines will reach their consumption, but nothing is less certain because the land cannot be extended in Asia and the population rapidly is expanding.
We have chosen to work with producers and machinists SME, they have an averages of 50 to 200 employees.
We are only interested in importers and direct distributors.
1 - In containers:
The minimum order is 300 MT, loaded into containers of 20 feet to 25 MT.
2 - By vessel:
We will not give answer to abstract and speculative demands.

Generally payment is by L / C irrevocable and confirmed by 1st order bank. For other payment types please contact us.
We sell rice from countries with a strict regulation and ranking by slices of quality and type of grain, sp the samples are useless. If you insist all times, subject to seasonality, the postage will be for your side. Samples are generally head hakes for sellers and buyers, only international companies take their profit on it.

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Board of Rice: Regent Home Building A/310 Condo: 216 Soi 67, Phaholyothin Road,
Bangken, Bangkok 10220, Thailand.  Tel: +66(8) 6898 0924
Tel/Fax: +66 2192 5067  Fax: +66 2987 5154